About Us
EPOCH is one of India’s leading Insurance broker. Headquartered out of New Delhi, our customers include large corporates, MNC’s and blue chip companies. While large business are serviced and supported by a highly competent team, the SME segment is being serviced by a team of dedicated professionals.
Our leadership team comprises MBA’s, Surveyor’s, accountants, lawyers and professionals from diverse business backgrounds, coming together with a common vision of building a truly professional company.
With over 150 man years of experience as insurance brokers and loss assessors, the EPOCH leadership team ensures high quality service to customers. Our ability to read through the fine print of insurance policies, decipher its underpinned significance of each clause and articulate it to the benefit of customers is what enables us to stand ahead of competition.
We work closely with our customers in helping them identify, manage, reduce and transfer risk. Be it an Indigenous company, or a multinational conglomerate, the EPOCH solution process is customized to individual customer requirements. From advising on off the shelf solutions to designing options, every intervention that we offer is focused on adding value to our customers business.
In a market that is tipping over to double digit growth levels, competition remains intense. Offering tangible solutions, with the ability to generate true fiscal value is what makesEPOCH a trusted partner of businesses. As a leading player in this market, we keep pushing ourselves to innovate and introduce cutting edge advisory solutions to the market.
At EPOCH we pride ourselves in offering interventions which are cost effective with clearly defined value added objectives. Our processes and procedures are transparent and in synch with market demands. From project insurance to medical and liabilities insurance, we offer advise on a wide range of structured products across multiple business verticals.
Vision Statement
To set the standard of excellence among insurance service providers by being innovative and being understanding to customer needs and expectations.
To become A Grade insurance broker and serve our customer in tune with latest upgraded techniques
Mission Statement
To Serve on Time Every Time for Security and for Solidarity and Peace of Mind.
Our name "EPOCH" compliments our mission.
Efficiency with Excellence by Experience
Positive, Proficient and Professional
Confident and Competent
Holistic and Honest Approach
Our Values
Our values are best expressed not through words, but actions.
We strive to be...
Prompt - in responding to any query and resolving the issues and always ready to assists.
Innovative - by doing product improvisation using technical knowledge.
Trustworthy - so as to build relationship which make our client our life time partner.
Transparent - to eep the customer fully informed of the developments while working on their behalf.
Dexterous - We challenge. We adapt. We bend, never break.
Reliable - Dependably to the core with steady working without panic.
Tech-Savvy - We have embraced latest technology for effective working.
Our Approach
We believe in what we do, and we are motivated by each small step taken by us. We respect and commend the work of each employee. We encourage open and honest communication with all stakeholders.
We work with problem solving approach. We encourage the work force in finding answers by out of box thinking and finding alternatives to achieve desired results.
It is our endeavour to do our best by constantly upgrading our knowledge. We approach all the challenges we face with open mind and lot of positivity without caring how difficult the task may be. We believe this gives us a competitive edge and enables us to be objective in our work.
Everything we do is about adding value to our task. We trust that any assigned work can be improvised.
We believe in treading on rough routes and ushering in new areas of initiative. We ask our force to learn from the mistakes and not to repeat mistakes. We are ever ready to support individuals who think new and are ready to take risks.
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