Marine & Hull Insurance

Marine & Hull Insurance

Marine haul insurance covers the structure & other associated interests like freight for the ship/craft/boat etc. This may be covered for a transit or for a specific duration of a year/less than a year. Policies have also evolved to cover ship building, ship repairing and ship breaking facilities. Oil and energy risks covering Oil Rigs on land/in high seas etc. are also available.

Risks Covered

Various risks connected with the body of the ship like collision, grounding, stranding, damage to machinery while in transit are covered in a Hull policy.  Specific risks of Ship building, repairs or ship breaking or Oil Rigs are covered under the specific policy.

Who can purchase this Insurance?

Ship owners, ship builders, charterers, bankers, financers of ships- all with an interest in the safety of the Ship Hull & can take an insurance cover.

(Please note the difference from Cargo insurance here).


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