Due to the multiplicity of insurers operating in the Indian market, there is fierce competition amongst all insurers. On commercial considerations, invariably insurers deny genuine and rightful claims. We need to check on insurers and if necessary knock the door of the ombudsman, consumer forum or court to demand payment for the valid claim. Our experts can go through the claim papers and are fully capable of offering the cogent solution and via media to take up the disputed claim with the insurer for its reconsideration. We also offer our expert services if the client wishes to pursue a legal option against the insurer.


    Our team has handled more than 10,000 claims in the last two and half decades. This experience gives us a technical edge and confidence in handling the claims of our clients. In the event of a claim if you are insured through us, you are in safe hands. Our capable and experienced team will give you end to end servicing of claims. We take it as our responsibility to do all the paperwork and negotiate with the surveyor and insurers on all technical aspects. If they need so arose, we take it as our duty to legally redress the situation.


    We do a systematic review of our client's insurance policies that includes:-

    • Any loopholes in the policy
    • Suggestion on Premium reduction
    • Synchronization of various policies - that saves cost and time
    • Reality check for adequacy of Sum Insured

    We have a team of finance professionals who help our clients create and manage a sound Fixed Assets Register.


    Our team has very strong and long-standing relationships with various insurers. With our understanding of the capabilities of various insurers, we are able to harness their strengths to devise and arrange customized insurance solutions at competitive prices.


    The correct sum insured is the main requirement of any insurance policy. Insurance companies truncate valid claim of clients if assets are found under-valued at time of claim. To avoid such a precarious situation and maintain healthy insurance portfolio, a periodic and steady updating of asset values taken under insurance policies is mandatory. We organise the services of the registered and government approved valuers for all kinds of properties and machineries.


    We have competent engineers on our panel to inspect the machinery and property which include all type of occupancies – mall, office, hotel, factories, warehouse and prepare reports on following lines:-

    • Ensuring accurate underwriting - Writing of risk under appropriate head/category, premium code
    • Suggesting methods of reducing premium outgo through first loss covers and self-insurance.
    • Suggesting structural alterations for risk improvement
    • Advising measures for risk mitigation



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