Package Insurance

Package Insurance

Insurance policies offering covers for different components of property/human body/liabilities may be combined together in a single policy to offer a bundled package covering various risks that a specific business/profession/individual house owner faces.

Risks Covered

Since this is a bundling of different policy covers, the individual components may offer cover for:

  • Loss or damage to a property
  • Injury/death of a family member/employee/worker
  • Liability to an employee/worker or a visitor to the premises
  • Consequential loss of profit arising out of an eventuality insured against may also be covered

Who can purchase this Insurance?

The range of policies offered  are for a wide range of individuals/ professional/ business interests. A few these are:

  • Individual Householder/Small Office owner
  • A Doctor/ Hospital/Engineering/Architecture firm
  • LPG dealer/Petrol pumps/Jewellers/Banking Institutions


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