How to strike a perfect life balance?

They rightly call it a “rat race”; a race that is meant to keep us competitive so that we are always at par, if not ahead of others. But, at what cost? Most people pay ‘work-life conflict’ as a price for this competition.

What is work-life conflict?

It is a condition where a person is unable to manage the rising demands at both personal and workplace which may have grave consequences such as lack-luster job performance, relationship stress, health concerns and much more.

Why does it happen?

One third of full-time employees across globe say that maintain work-life balance has become more difficult to manage since past five years, as found in a recent study by Ernst & Young. Though there are various reasons like rising competition, workaholism, demand for improved lifestyle, 

higher expectations at work and home; one that stands apart is the increasing use of technology and social networking platforms. The constant buzz on your cell phone at odd hours that acts as a constant flow of communication, especially between you and your workplace is an important reason

 why most people are unable to keep the family time separate from office hours.

What can one do to strike a perfect work-life balance?

Small and simple steps can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. Here they are:-

Leave work at workplace

Set a clear boundary between work and personal timings and maintain it strictly. You may do so by switching off official communication post office hours, not checking e-mails at night, avoid getting office work at home, etc. This will help you spend quality time with your family and set the right ton for healthier relationships.

Learn to say NO

Learn to say ‘No’ to undue pressures and responsibilities. You need not accept every work that comes your way or meet the societal commitments just for the sake of it. Though it becomes difficult to refuse your peers and managers, you must learn the art when it gets too much and starts affecting your health and spirits.

Though it is extremely difficult to ditch the usual chores and find some solo time for you, it is an absolute stress reliever and very important to live happier. If you are happy and filled with positive energy, people around you will be happy too. Your state of mind shall also reflect at your workplace through improved performance and productivity. So, all you need to do is steal an hour from the day and indulge in activities that you are passionate about like reading books, meditating, nature-walking, travelling, etc.

Practice time management

The key reason for conflict is the limited availability of time. Thus the best way to resolve it is by managing your time well. At the end of each day, take out five minutes to evaluate your activities and ponder on better ways to do it to improve your time efficiency.

Some help is good

Is a particular project quite overwhelming? Is the work overload too much to handle? It is okay to ask for help from your peers to help you sail through the extra work. However, do not forget to offer help when your colleagues are stuck.

While you practice the above, overlooking the rising health concerns that a work-life conflict can cause will not be a good thing to do. To know more about the diseases caused by it and to cover yourself against them, contact Epoch Insurance Brokers.

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